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Global Dimensions in Engineering Education. Engineers Without Borders UK. 2015. 

Appropriate technologies. Self-construction of a solar food dehydrator. CCI tv. 2015.

Appropriate technologies. Self construction of a solar water purifier. CCI tv. 2015. Italian version: Tecnologie appropriate: Autocostruire un potabilizzatore solare. 2013. 

CIVIC. A.S. Evolving International Contexts. CCI tv. 2015. Italian version: CIVIC. A.S. - Contesti Internazionali in evoluzione. 2013.

Engineers Without Borders' Academic Network. Engineers Without Borders UK. 2014.

There You Go! - A Smart, Satirical Look At What Development *Really* Does In Our World. Survival International. 2014. 

Growth is Not Enough. The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts. 2014. Does GDP really tell us all we need to know about a country's wealth and well-being?

Anyone Can Change the World.  The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts. 2014. What if you really could change the world? Each and every one of us can and should contribute to creating a better world.

The Story of Stuff. Inspiring animated videos about consumerism, how to create change, where "stuff" comes from and more.