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Policy brief

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Book chapters

R. Trimingham, B. Lazzarini, A. Pérez-Foguet, N. Noble, A. Boni, M. Sierra-Castañer, F. Mongera, G. Zolezzi (2016) "Integrating the Global Dimension in Engineering Education: Experiences from a Collaborative Project". In: Leal Filho W., Pace P. (eds) Teaching Education for Sustainable Development at University Level. World Sustainability Series. Springer, Cham. . Cited by: 

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Journal papers

A. Perez-Foguet, B. Lazzarini, R. Giné, E. Velo, A. Boni, M. Sierra, G. Zolezzi, R. Trimingham (2018) "Promoting sustainable human development in engineering: assessment of online courses within continuing professional development strategies". Journal of cleaner production, 172, 4286-4302. . Cited by: 

B. Lazzarini, A. Perez-Foguet, A. Boni (2018) "Key characteristics of academics promoting Sustainable Human Development within engineering studies". Journal of cleaner production, 188, 237-252. Cited by:

PhD thesis

B. Lazzarini. Factors affecting the engagement of academics of engineering studies towards sustainable development. UPC. January 2019.