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Course C.9: Integrating GDE into Research

Academic Coordinator

Dr. Rhoda Trimingham, professor at Loughborough University.

Course Overview

The final course is aimed at engineering and technical academics interested in adapting or developing research programs aligned with global dimension topics.  Sessions will provide participants with an overview of engineering education research for development, a selection of different research methods for studying global dimension topics in education, and a description of processes or methods which could be used to bring an existing research program into alignment with global dimension principles. 

This course will not focus primarily on research into education, and participants should find useful information for their existing, technically-focused research programs.  In addition, the final sessions provide practical information, including funding opportunities and collaboration principles, which can apply to any research topic.

In total, the course should take approximately 20-25 hours to complete, including readings, assignments and activities.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course module we expect that participants will:

1. Understand how the implementation of GD-related programming can be informed through action and applied research.

2. Understand how to start adapting research programs to include more GD-related topics.

3. Understand the application of appropriate research methodology to conduct a research study in topics related to the global dimension or the global dimension in engineering education.

4. Understand where to find sources of funding for GD-related topics.

5. Understand the importance of collaboration to research stakeholders, understand open-source as a concept and practical tool.