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Course B.6: Knowing International Cooperation

Academic Coordinator

Dr. Guido Zolezzi, professor at Unversità degli Studi di Trento

Course Overview

This course will cover the practical and logistical requirements for carrying out project work in international development.  It will include sessions covering an overview of tools and methodologies commonly used in project design, implementation and follow-up.  It will also introduce the main financial opportunities currently available for international development research work.

It should take approximately 20-25 hours to complete, including readings, assignments and activities. 

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course module we expect that participants will:

  1. Explain the importance of participatory approaches to research, and how these could be implemented to involve stakeholders at all phases of project cycle management.  
  2. Summarize and explain the basic principles of the logical framework approach applied to development research projects.
  3. Be able to begin an independent search of relevant grants and financial support for international cooperation projects, namely including support to engineering students’ thesis.