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What and why

What is the Global Dimension in Engineering Education project?

The Global Dimension in Engineering Education (GDEE) is an initiative that aims to increase the awareness, critical understanding and attitudinal values of undergraduate and postgraduate students in technical universities related to Sustainable Human Development (SHD) and its relationship with technology. To achieve this, we work on integrating SHD as a cross-cutting issue in teaching activities by improving the competences of academics and through engaging both staff and students in initiatives related to SHD.

Why is it important?

Many technical university courses lack a holistic global view in their teachings. There is often a disconnect between the most important global issues and what is learnt in the lecture hall. For the impacts of major global issues such as poverty and climate change to be lessened, it takes everyone to be involved. And those with the technical skills to help should be encouraged to do so. This starts with education. 

What are the main outcomes desired?

1. To increase competences of academic staff to integrate SHD as cross-cutting issue in teaching
2. To create a network of academics for promoting the integration of SHD into technology studies
3. To facilitate the connection between theoretical knowledge (lecturers and students from universities) with practice (through NGOs)

Who is it for?

Academic staff teaching technical subjects at universities across participating European countries and beyond.