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Course B.4: Supervising Engineering Students

Academic Coordinator

Dr. Manuel Sierra, professor at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Course Overview

This course is designed to prepare academics to support engineering students who are interested in integrating concepts of the global dimension into their own education.

Since a common method of integration is through a self-selected thesis project, the majority of sessions in this module with address how to effectively prepare and support a student to conduct research on a global-dimension-relate thesis topic.  This includes a session on the process of supervision at a general level, and also includes modules on action research and other methods appropriate for engineering for development research, fieldwork preparation, and reporting procedures, which meet academic and stakeholder communication requirements. 

In addition, participants will learn how to support students interested in developing further skills, experiences, or careers in engineering for development.

It should take approximately 20-25 hours to complete, including readings, assignments and activities. 

Learning Outcomes

1.  Apply knowledge of theories and dynamics of the supervision to improve the quality and effectiveness of their own practice. 

2.  Awareness of specific skills and competencies required for supervision in a developing-country context.

3.  Construct a set of guidelines informing the planning and reporting stages of a research project in a developing-country context, including planning stakeholder feedback and fieldwork preparation.